It was the first day of school. Your parents packed your lunch for you before you ran out anxious but excited about the unknown of the day. They took you shopping a few weeks before school began and let you pick out your favorite themed lunch box, some which contained the giant thermos inside. For me, it was the Strawberry Shortcake and Pacman lunch boxes that were my favorite. You arrived in the lunchroom with anticipation. You opened up your lunch box  to see what was inside. Oh the possibilities! Usually there was a sandwich, some fruit or veggies, a napkin (just to make sure we wiped our mouths at school) and then last, but not least, a tasty surprise was usually tucked away inside. Often times, there were trades made. These were serious between friends, your carrot sticks for my apple slices or even chips for a cookie. It was a sharing time. It was a time for socializing and just being yourself. Lunch was the one period during the day where you could just have fun and enjoy time with friends. Looking back on my times in the lunchroom, I value those moments with my friends. Whether it was in elementary school just having fun, in middle school making plans for that week’s pep rally against our rival team, or high school dressed in togas for senior day trying to finish up homework for our later classes, they are fond memories of a time of adventure and sharing. We were of the age when we knew that we could make our dreams come true.

Fast forward many years later. Our family is embarking on an exciting journey   with the opening of our shop, Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods. While contemplating a name for our blog, we thought about what it means to us to have you as our customers, our community. We decided on The Lunch Box. No, not the one where Roseanne worked, but just like the vintage lunch boxes that featured our favorite TV characters, superheroes, princesses and toys. In the end, it is summed up the same as that first day of school in the lunchroom. We want you to feel the anticipation of something exciting when you walk through the doors. We want to share our love of good food with you. We want you to come and share stories with us of your family recipes and favorite times in the kitchen or around the table. Essentially, we want to open the lunch box and still make dreams come true.

Jennifer Smiley